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Latest Update: 2 Nov 2016

703.7 - 703.9
Nav. Marker / Location: Crooked River - Cumberland Dividings; DM R58A to G63A; Junction with Brickhill River
Issue: Shoaling. Chart data mismatched to marks.
Vessel Reporting: Onward.
Date: Nov 2007 to Nov 2014

  • This area is subject to channel location changes.
  • The navigation marks have been moved to mark the existing channel.
  • Thus, the NOAA charts for this area may not correctly place the marks.
  • On some editions of electronic charts, the channel is actually located where the chart depicts land or shoals.
  • Trust the marks, not the chart.
  • At 1700 9 Nov 2014, SV Onward found Dmin => 9' in the marked channel at Td 0.1' = ; TS = (Low Tide)

Nav. Marker / Location: Cumberland Island

Nav. Marker / Location: GA-FL Border; St. Marys River Inlet

STM: 716.7
Nav. Marker / Location: Fernandina Beach

STM: 720.8
Fixed Bridge: Twin Bridges

STM: 739.1
Double-Bascule Bridge: Sisters Creek Bridge
Note: Opens on Request.

STM: 740.0
Nav. Marker / Location: St. Johns River Crossing

STM: 742.6
Fixed Bridge: Wonderwood

STM: 744.7
Fixed Bridge: Atlantic

STM: 749.3
Fixed Bridge: Pablo Creek

STM: 758.8
Fixed Bridge: Palm Valley

STM: 775.8
Fixed Bridge: Usina Bridge

STM: 775.0
Nav. Marker / Location: St. Augustine Inlet Junction

Inlet Report: 28 Oct 2016
  • The current LNTM reported the navigation marks for the inlet had all been carried off station by Hurricane Matthew.
  • I contacted USCG Sector Jacksonville and talked to the person in charge of navigation aids. The current list of off-station marks did not include St. Augustine; but he did not have a specific report that they had been replaced.
  • I called SeaTow St. Augustine and learned that some of the marks were in place.
  • I called TowBoat US St. Augustine and learned that the sea buoy and most of the red marks had been replaced.
  • I had left detailed waypoints for the inlet channel last year when I found it a challenge.
  • I was able to watch a fishing trawler make an exit on AIS and then watch the AIS of Cats Meow, a 72' cat and a large sports fisherman make the entrance and they followed the route
  • I followed the route and saw a min of 20' at 1445-1515; local low tide was at 1457.

St. Augustine Inlet Waypoints
27º 54.93' N 81º 15.46' W; E end of inlet channel; W of R&W buoy
27º 54.87' N 81º 15.64' W
27º 54.88' N 81º 16.28' W
27º 54.87' N 81º 16.53' W
27º 54.82' N 81º 16.70' W
27º 54.70' N 81º 16.92' W
27º 54.58' N 81º 17.19' W
27º 54.50' N 81º 17.38' W
27º 54.28' N 81º 17.88' W; W end of inlet channel; leading to Bridge of Lions
Note: these waypoints mark the route safely followed by SV Onward on entering St. Augustine Inlet in Nov 2015 and Oct 2016. They are provided for reference only; captains navigating the inlet are responsible for selecting and following a route based on their own best judgement and available aids.

Inlet Report: 27 Oct 2017
SV Onward observed other vessels on AIS and then used the above waypoints to negotiate the inlet. A minimum depth of 19.5' was seen just inside the sea buoy. The 2017 hurricane season did not seem to have affected the inlet.

STM: 778.1
Double Bascule Bridge: Bridge of Lions
Note: Bridge opens on demand before 0730; there are traffic close-out periods so check with bridge tender. VHF Ch09.

STM: 780.4
Fixed Bridge: Mickler O'Connel
Transit reports, SV Onward:





3.0 @ St Augustine

VHF clear

STM: 788.8
Double Bascule Bridge: Crescent Beach
Note: Bridge opens on demand.

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